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Is it necessary for the existence of a reservation before coming to you? A bout booking Prepaid reservation exists but is required to be paid prior reservation so book in the hour or the time to your account So that the competent work of any book you do not receive any his client this time assigned to you Must attend prior to the time 10 minutes In case you are late for time booking with 10 minutes repealed or not to postpone the booking three hours you are not entitled to recover, or to postpone the time reserved Go ahead, but employees found and is under you order If you have a favorite time to visit us want it, and I wanted to find out that it was a busy place or not, we are at your service Also, you can book by phone and will be booking through any Credit card such as Visa or MasterCard , or American Express or Diners Club Thank you to understand and wish to accept this excuse us and asked if there was a failure We wish always to serve you the possible favorites and thank you Click here to book your reservation Click Here

You can book in advance payment by phone and contact so that the per-paid reservations so book a time or time to your account So that specialist the any works are booked you do not receive any his client that the time is yours You must come before time 10 minutes to arrange and to keep your booking time off the cancellation In case if you delay for booking time of 15 minutes your booking time will be canceled unless you asked to postpone the booking reservation sufficient time and that No Cancellation at least one hour at least Your booking is no refundable, But can be postponed an hour before deadline In case of late of your booking time will be deducted attendance late, which has been delayed of your time, which is already booked and enjoy the rest time If you wish to postpone must call before one hour to postpone your booking I hope to be payment card processing before contact to keep your time We except credit cards only and the credit card accepted is . Visa .. MasterCard .. Diners Club
Gift that you are rejoice submitting any occasion - A massage session full body or foot (at your option) - - body clear - Mini clear - Morocco Bath - Earwax The price of this original business 35 KD As you only pay a 28 KD And provides 7 KD Note: You can replace any service another service is not listed in this Coupon provided that the same price for other acts of Herbal Spa You can use this coupon any branch of our branches You can buy this coupon from a women's center or Men and offered to people who want a man or woman to enjoy this gift made you a gift printed and written on behalf of the applicant
It is Kwik back especial for pregnant women , as it removes tired and physical fatigue , Where we do Massage in areas safe from the body of the pregnant woman and helps to reduce the incidence of albumin in the feet , and if she have albumin , it help to stop it . Also massage help women to get rid of the fatigue and tiredness caused to her body, we note that the process of massage for pregnant women is completely different from non- pregnant, so she should not be based only on the hands of massage specialists We wish you safety Massage session price of pregnant Kwik back 15 KD
Time of session is 90 mins Mean is hour and half, we use in this session oil mixes with ginger, it is ready before one day to keep it Properties, and not the loss of useful substances To give you high level for relax and comfortable, we also recommend this session to those who suffer from a cooler body and a sense of apathy Because of the requirements of life and accumulated effort. Also, you know the properties of ginger in dilating blood vessels and increase the race and the feeling of warmth and smoothed the heat, and strengthen the sexual energy. And physical when women and men. Also that the meeting be held in the hands of one our experts We'll help you to get the summit to relax and rest to be provided by the way you treated by clicking on the pressure points of the body which have a map devised by the ancient China The price of this session is 18 K.D

Royal bath, which is a vapor was sitting in it four to half an hour depending on the body and there shall be mixed on the body and the secret sauce and then the full-body abrasion and remove the body dust and remove dead cells and is then sanding the body Psonfarh special Bherbl spa called salt evaporation and that helps to unify the color and in addition to the smoothness of the skin dramatically and that Sthasin out and is then taken care of the body and the face to add special masks for the face and mask a special body and perfuming the body Ballohn roses or other perfumes and duration of the royal bath almost from hour to an hour and a half bath price Royal 25 KD 

Orange session
We offer you our customers unique meeting of its kind and we are proud that by providing the stages of comfort and beauty and relaxation we offer to you as follows
At the beginning of the meeting we offer you a hydro-massage mixed with beneficial fiber and extracted daily from the orange peel and the service that we provide you with the benefits of the first of access to the highest degree of hygiene and relaxation, where through those short-term and that no more than five minutes to put the feet and Tafreckha compendium orange peel, which concludes a massage for the feet hydro-massage and a trip that you'll start seeing the absorption of accumulated fatigue and insomnia
Then begin to massage the body with oil herbal and mixed with orange bottom and rich in vitamin C, which helps eliminate the oxidation of the body of factors and we proudly offer this vitamin and active ingredient by providing this kind of relax and interest, which concludes submit Fresh Orange Juice and so be beneficial greatest benefit for the skin and body
After the completion of half time as the service is offered massage from upper back to the lower back and legs begin the second part to provide massage for the front side of the body with oil, orange peel, but here we offer the best of our skin as we begin the work of peeling face Baltfrick Balsnfrh blended vitamin (Seyi) and natural minerals and orange peel and a summary of this kind of mixture of high ability to reduce and remove the black Alras
After sanding of the face placed vitamin mask (Mask) for the face, which will help in a very large Brightening the color of the skin, which stillness and clear clearly immediately after the completion of the session
In the end, we are proud to provide fresh orange juice with pleasure to you and we hope that holds that the journey of beauty and the Royal relax on your satisfaction
Session length 65 minutes
Volcanic mud
We used in our Herbal Spa mud volcanic centers or the so-called
 Clay of the most natural remedies successful and effective in the treatment of
Skin, because it contains essential minerals group, working on
 Skin tightening and revitalization and to maintain its durability, contributing to the delay
 In his old age resistance early wrinkles and thus balance the skin and save her youth ..
Volcanic mud is also used in different subjects is skin
Such as using it to get rid of dandruff, as well as
 Flatten the abdomen after birth when used regularly
Modern scientific research as well to remember that the volcanic mud is useful in
 The treatment of diseases associated with rheumatism and joint pain relief
In the spinal cord treatments, as well as in the treatment of muscle tension
 . "It also serves to strengthen the immune system and stimulate the body's automatic treatment mechanisms.
We also use it in steam baths to gain body on top
 Amount of minerals for the body also put this product that brings specially
 Us from East Asia and the product we are uniquely its kind Have Not
Exist at any other center in Kuwait offer you with pride
What is the scrab massage 
Massage is peeling massage is a companion to peeling
  Dead cells that give the skin to tan color and the kind of
  Massage accompanying foulage palms materials containing salt
  The sea and is a natural and do not have any combination which
  It gives the body the glasses and lighten the color
Massage slimming
- The involvement of a five-LOSS sessions worth 125
- The value of the 25th meeting of dinars
- You get a free session will be six sessions subscribe
- Get to the green coffee for free
The meeting is:
- Massage oils Slimming own burn fat
- Cracking and burn fat a special device to move the excess body fat
- Melt the fat allocated to melt fat and heat haraam
 After the massage session grease and fat cracking the previous system and that process helps the body also tightening
The duration of each session from 90 minutes to 120 minutes
According to accept the body's session and slimming creams
Green coffee price 8 Dec. be free help you burn
 Fat and dietary supplement also gives you a sense of satiety and enough for 18 days
Any other inquiry, please do not hesitate to ask
Domestic service
Sorry houses No service
In order to provide the atmosphere and all the necessary tools we use it or material for this we have no ability to provide the service outside of our centers because we can not compromise on the level of service
Thank you
Compresses volcanic
Proudly we say that we are the first to use this type of
 Compresses volcanic rocks, and we believe we are still the only ones
 Use of volcanic rocks, though some uses
Different rocks belief that those same rocks, but say
You that those rocks are volcanic rocks have a high capacity
To retain heat for up to 60 minutes and more
We offer those rocks in most massages containing
Chinese wild herb give them warmth so that certain places are placed
Those compresses to obtain a higher degree of comfort and pressure
Fatigue and pull this fatigue of the body associated Baltknyk
 Session and the materials used with the meeting, including those in which we use compresses
Alpisamak session
Massage is the session uses this session cream lotion
  Particularly helps to get rid of back pain and
Cramps and this cream is very nice property
Soften Skin smoothness and thus be hearing
Include interest relax and get rid of fatigue
Muscular body and getting higher
  Earn a degree of skin creams used for this
  The session also that the technique used in this Session
Massage is a round movement and horizontal in
Some places, according to the body's need of cream or
According to the pressure of the body and the places that you need for a particular focus
The masseur to focus on to give you the highest degree of
  Rest and relaxation
Shiatsu session
Medical Shiatsu Japanese word, the word is composed of two parts (Shi) means the fingers and the word (Tso) means pressure) and therefore this type of medicine depends on the use of fingers to press
At certain points of the body to help you relax
And a sense of vigor and vitality of the flow of young people also say the Japanese.
It is a type of treatment depends on the Chinese energy idea that flows through pathways through the body and are the focus
During the sessions to relieve pain and help the body rid itself of any toxins before they develop the disease and are exercisable
Repeated pressure regular rhythm for 3 to 10 seconds only
On specific points, which helps to stimulate the body and improve the efficiency of blood circulation is said to Hetaso it helps to relieve back pain and healing, as well as in the treatment of digestive problems, headaches and menstrual problems and psychological session.
And it works on the basis of the flow of vital energy and blood different parts of the body and preparing to lost balance due to climate factors
And food, emotions and lifestyle that infect human energy turmoil.
The points that are pressed are the same points used by the Chinese to prick needles sites, but this Japanese art (shiatsu) is easier and less problems that are without pain or tingling needles often result in inflammation or other problems. The shiatsu processes the body and soul alike worked to keep a sense of balance and harmony between the two, resulting in a balance between all the various organs of the body and its members.
Tunisian bath
Is a steam bath soap uses its
  Tunisia's so-called soap bride or years old Tunisia
  In addition to Morocco and the Altfrick Ballivh
  Tunisian Mixture and this unique pigeons that served with steamed offer you we in Kuwait alone and Moroccan soap that is full of natural products